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24/06/2019 [China] A robotic company is seeking the expert in remotely operated vehicle and underwater vehicle Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [Singapore] Open innovation call: Seeking solutions in trade, logistics, supply chain and transport for leading corporations Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [France] A SME is looking for process or technology of producing bio organic acids Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [Germany] Sensors to measure the filling level of waste bins are sought by a city council Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [United Kingdom] Airborne robotic assistant sought via commercial, license or research cooperation agreement Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [Spain] A SME is looking for new solutions for vascular therapies Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [Romania] A producer of handmade cosmetics seeks glass containers suppliers Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [Romania] Manufacturer of handcrafted household and decorative ceramics seeks suppliers of raw materials Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [Poland] A company seeking manufacturers of ventilation and air conditioning systems interested in the Polish market Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 [Poland] A manufacturer of release agents wishes to acquire a company making plasticisers Ingrid BERGER
24/06/2019 Zoom Europe - Juin 2019 Loubna Bentamy
19/06/2019 Délibération de la CRE pour l'attribution de la zone éolien en mer de Dunkerque Eric MASSON
18/06/2019 Assistant(e) de direction près de Lyon Emilie Da Silva
18/06/2019 Jeune ingénieur diplômé Emilie Da Silva
17/06/2019 [Singapore] Open Innovation Call: Seeking collaborators and test-bedding partners for leading corporations Ingrid BERGER
17/06/2019 [France] A company is looking for sustainable flexible waterproof materials for outdoor sport equipment Ingrid BERGER
17/06/2019 [Czech republic] A manufacturer of woven fabrics seeks partners to jointly develop novel woven technical textiles and products Ingrid BERGER
17/06/2019 [United Kingdom] A company seeks suppliers of alternative to plastic wrapping for their acoustic products Ingrid BERGER
17/06/2019 [Germany] Medical technology distribution company is looking for highly innovative medical technology devices and advanced R&D projects Ingrid BERGER