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20/03/2019 Brexit et procédures douanières frêt britanniques Adeline JACOB
20/03/2019 Instrument PME : Accompagner les entreprises au Pitch - phase 2 Moana BOTTARI
19/03/2019 Visite Energie Géraldine Lebarbanchon
18/03/2019 [Netherlands] Looking for new, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging concepts for fresh fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [South Korea] Partner sought for AI Smart-Farm System Technology Development and Application to Robotics Engineering Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Spain] A research organization is looking for a test bench for high strain rate characterization of plastic/metallic/foam/composite materials Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Greece] Company active in power electronics is looking for European suppliers of electric power transformers and auto-transformers Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Ukraine] A Research Center, located in Kiev looking for novel technologies of phase change material Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Spain] Large industrial company is looking for innovative solutions to enable circular economy in the construction industry Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Spain] Large company looking for solutions to reduce costs in construction and rehabilitation in dense urban areas Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [United Kingdom] A company needs nutritional testing and analysis for a vegetable product Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Romania] A manufacturer of metal wire mesh is seeking raw material suppliers Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [United Kingdom] Producer of premium ice creams and sorbets with East Asian flavours seeks partners Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Romania] Experienced distributor of products for thermal and sanitary installations is looking for suppliers of taps and batteries Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Poland] A company is requesting furniture and other furnishings Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [United Kingdom] A SME seeks manufacturers for their functionalised non-metallic nanoparticles Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Netherlands] Company is looking for IT manufacturers Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [France] A SME seeks shoe manufacturer Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Russia] A company specialized in manufacturing of ice cream, looking for suppliers of milk and cream Ingrid BERGER
18/03/2019 [Slovenia] A trading company engaged in sales of agricultural, garden and forestry machinery is willing to act as a distributor to sell other companies’ products. Ingrid BERGER